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9:30pm - 4:00am Restaurant & Lounge

Welcome to the Tashan Club ! Your friendly neighborhood, Classic Tashan. Make the best of your nights, sinking deeper into the zone of the famous Bombay nightlife.

Our club brings to you the opportunity to experience the famous Bombay nightlife, right here in Dubai. Walk into our trendy neon space that is accompanied by a one of a kind ambience. Go ahead and add ‘trying every possible drink at the bar’ on to your bucket list, because we have you covered. Leave behind all of your work day stress and get lit. Vibe to your favourite tunes while sipping onto your favourite drinks with your friends. Our club is sure to ignite your night, leaving you with a feeling of blazing euphoria. With a big contribution towards making each of your visits truly a night to remember!

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Save the Date for the EXCLUSIVE cover launch of Filmfare Middle East. Sunny Leone on the cover at your favourite Party Destination in town Tashan on Monday 25th November, 2019 7:30PM onwards PARTY will be till Late Night as Live Performance by Stebin Ben Tashan Playback Singer will make your evening memorable.

Oct 17, 09:00PM Onwards Tashan Club Restaurant & Lounge


Having created hits like Pachtaoge, Teri Mitti & Mann Bharrya, B Praak has been producing some of your most loved Punjabi hits since 2013. Winner of the Best Male Playback Singer in 2021, B Praak sets every stage on fire with his scintillating vocals and melodious compositions.

Oct 17, 09:00PM Onwards Super20 Restaurant & Lounge


From Aashiqui 2 to Shershaah, you’ve heard Palak Muchhal’s glorious voice at some point. The Multi-Award winning performer doesn’t disappoint when it comes to dishing out your favorite hits like Chaahun Main Ya Naa, Jumme Ki Raat and many more.

Oct 17, 09:00PM Onwards Super20 Restaurant & Lounge

Tashan Indian Restaurants in Dubai

Here in Dubai, the Tashan restaurant celebrates the richness of the Indian subcontinent. Our menu incorporates flavors, influences, and recipes from all throughout India, as well as reminiscence and closely-guarded Indian family recipes. To establish a new narrative where old classics coexist with vanished recipes, The Tashan Indian restaurant's menu celebrates extinct foods and ingredients. We retain traditional Indian cuisine while also showcasing a unique side through dishes from Rajput kitchens, undiscovered treasures from North East India, and straightforward but hearty meals from India's vast coastline.

Along with the traditional dishes, we emphasize the foreign culinary influences that have traditionally crept into Indian cuisine from the Caribbean, Portugal, France, and Great Britain. Eating at The Tashan Tashan Indian food restaurant is like embarking on a nostalgic journey across India, traversing borders while blending the distinctions between different culinary customs and inspirations.

The Tashan focuses on clean lines, minimalist decor, and neo-Indian style, reflecting new-age India and current Indian aesthetics. Consider contemporary plating, handcrafted drinks, and a carefully chosen wine list to go with your Indian cuisine. Come see what elevated Indian food is all about here at The Tashan restaurant in Dubai.

The Best Lounge in Dubai

In Dubai, our lounge is One of the most attractive lounges in the UAE, featuring cutting-edge, priceless amenities. The best designs, workmanship, and history from Dubai served as inspiration for the definition of luxury.

Renowned Guest Stars

On any given day, you are likely to encounter your favorite celebrity hanging out here. Many partygoers throng to our lounge in hopes of spotting someone famous.

Dance Floor

Tashan lounge is an irresistible destination for dance fanatics, as the party never stops here. The trendiest dance floor is stunningly elegant.

Popular DJ Night

Tashan lounge, a famous Nightclub Dubai hub, has world-class DJs to perform, the live rocking band draws quite a crowd.

Live Performance

Our Tashan cafe in Dubai, renowned for its top-notch theme and lively ambiance, offers hot performances.

Take a break from your daily routine or throw a party to commemorate the best moments by dining at one of the Tashan Indian restaurants in Dubai. With us, you receive all the necessities for a high with individualized and wealthy experiences.

You may experience film production and the best late-night activities at Dubai's Tashan restaurant in addition to live music and delicious cuisine. We play the best tripping music and bolly bangs to make you want to dance, and you receive all the tools you need to make engaging movies, web series, and other content that keeps people watching you.

Being one of the greatest Indian lounges in Dubai, we place emphasis on providing the best on-stage performances to the Dubai audience.

Reasons to Opt Tashan Restaurant in Dubai

Top DJ

Our DJ will endeavor to create the appropriate atmosphere according to what you specify and what they sense from the crowd. A skill that only comes with experience and is a combination of the environment and energy of the people dancing is being able to understand what your customer wants and entertaining the crowd with music while keeping them on the dance floor in good spirits.

Live Events

Live events offer many benefits than merely improved communication. Additionally, they are highly time-effective. You can meet with existing contacts and form new relationships in a single day.

Breathtaking Ambiance

A restaurant's ambiance unquestionably influences your clients' overall dining experience. Customers' perception of your restaurant is formed by the ambiance, which unites the food, service, and setting.

Lip-Smacking Snacks

Most cities have a very dynamic luxury dining scene, but few moves as swiftly as the dynamic emirate of Dubai. The gastronomic and aesthetic standards of Dubai's restaurants are of the highest caliber, and many have stunning views of the city or the sea. We offer a selection of our favorite foods at Tashan to add extra excitement to your evening.

Best Sports Bar & Lounge in Dubai

If you put up in Dubai and are looking for the best sports bar, Tashan sports bars in Dubai, the newest player in the food and beverage industry describes itself as a reimagined sports bar. The emphasis at this bar is on sports, and numerous televisions display matches and modern indoor games, including an interactive digital dartboard and an indoor golf simulator. There is also a wide selection of food and drinks available.

Visitors to this sophisticated establishment may expect a friendly setting for easy conversation, courteous and knowledgeable service, and mouthwatering food. Bring your friends for a fantastic night at a modern sports bar.

It is important to make the most of your time because it is frequently the most fantastic luxury. We are most effectively available to you for your commercial and extravagant occasions. So what’s the hold? Come to us right away!