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9:30pm - 4:00am Restaurant & Lounge

We at Legends are dedicated to creating the ultimate nightlife experience. Whether you want to party, enjoy cocktails, food, sunset drinks, performances, or anything, you can hit the dancefloor with your loved ones. No matter the occasion, we’ve got tunes, cocktails, and vibes to get you in the mood!

We cater to you unique, lavish, and fun lifestyle experience so that you can chill & unwind yourself. Relish our high-end service, polite staff, aesthetic interior, and expert bartenders, all complemented with the latest Tashan hit bears giving you world-class entertainment. All events are thoughtfully planned so that you experience the best night out, so wild, that you might not remember it in the morning.

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Save the Date for the EXCLUSIVE cover launch of Filmfare Middle East. Sunny Leone on the cover at your favourite Party Destination in town Tashan on Monday 25th November, 2019 7:30PM onwards PARTY will be till Late Night as Live Performance by Stebin Ben Tashan Playback Singer will make your evening memorable.

Oct 17, 09:00PM Onwards Super20 Restaurant & Lounge


Having created hits like Pachtaoge, Teri Mitti & Mann Bharrya, B Praak has been producing some of your most loved Punjabi hits since 2013. Winner of the Best Male Playback Singer in 2021, B Praak sets every stage on fire with his scintillating vocals and melodious compositions.

Oct 17, 09:00PM Onwards Super20 Restaurant & Lounge


From Aashiqui 2 to Shershaah, you’ve heard Palak Muchhal’s glorious voice at some point. The Multi-Award winning performer doesn’t disappoint when it comes to dishing out your favorite hits like Chaahun Main Ya Naa, Jumme Ki Raat and many more.

Oct 17, 09:00PM Onwards Super20 Restaurant & Lounge

Enjoy the Moment at Legends Indian Restaurant

The Legends restaurant in Dubai honors the diversity of the Indian subcontinent. Our cuisine combines flavors, inspirations, and recipes from various regions of India with memories and closely-guarded family traditions from that country. The Legends Indian restaurant menu honors endangered dishes and ingredients to create a new narrative where vintage favorites mix with lost recipes. By incorporating dishes from Rajput kitchens, undiscovered gems from North East India, and plain but filling fare from India's extensive coastline, we preserve traditional Indian food while displaying a distinctive side.

We focus on the foreign culinary influences from the Caribbean, Portugal, France, and Great Britain that have historically crept into Indian cuisine in addition to the native dishes. Eating at our lounge in Dubai is like taking a nostalgic trip across India, crossing borders, and fusing the disparities between culinary practices and inspirations.

The Legends reflects modern India and contemporary Indian aesthetics by emphasizing clean lines, minimalist design, and neo-Indian flair. To match your Indian cuisine, consider using modern plating, artisan cocktails, and a carefully selected wine list.

Visit The Legends Indian food restaurant in Dubai to experience refined Indian cuisine.

Legends Restaurant – The Best Restaurant in Dubai

Our lounge in Dubai is one of the UAE's most beautiful lounges, with priceless state-of-the-art amenities. The definition of luxury was influenced by Dubai's finest creations, craftsmanship, and past.

Renowned Guest Stars – Best Lounge in Dubai

You might run into your favorite star hanging out here on any given day. Many partygoers crowd into our lounge to spot a celebrity.

Dance Floor – Best Indian Cuisines

Dance enthusiasts will find the Legends lounge to be an attractive place because the fun never ends there. The most popular dance floor is incredibly classy.

Live Performance – Legends Indian Restaurants in Dubai

Hot performances are presented at our Legends cafe in Dubai, which is recognized for its first-rate concept and energetic atmosphere.

Dine at Legends Indian food restaurant in Dubai to take a break from your routine or host a celebration to remember the most excellent times. With us, you get all you need for a high filled with unique and luxurious experiences.

In addition to excellent music and delectable food, Legends café in Dubai offers film production and the best late-night activities. You get all the tools you need to create exciting movies, web series, and other material that keeps people watching you as we play the best trip-hop and bolly bangs to get you dancing.

We prioritize giving the Dubai audience the best on-stage performances as one of the best Indian lounges in the city.

What Makes Legends the Best Lounge in Dubai?

Top DJ

Our DJ will set the right mood depending on your requests and what they perceive from the crowd. Understanding what your consumer wants and entertaining the crowd with music while keeping them on the dance floor in good spirits is a skill that only comes with experience and is a combination of the environment and energy of the people dancing.

Live Events

More advantages than better communication can be derived from live events and are also highly time-efficient. You can meet old friends in a single day and make new ones.

Breathtaking Ambiance

There is no doubt that the atmosphere of a restaurant affects your customers' overall dining experience. The ambiance of your restaurant, which unites the food, service, and setting, shapes how customers perceive it.

Lip-Smacking Snacks – Legends Café in Dubai

The luxury dining scene in most cities is quite vibrant, but only a few towns move as quickly as the vibrant emirate of Dubai. Dubai's restaurants are of the finest gastronomic and artistic grade, and many feature breathtaking views of the city or the sea. To make your evening even more exciting, Legends offers a range of our favorite foods.

Best Sports Bar & Lounge in Dubai

Legends best sports bars in Dubai, the newest player in the food and beverage business, advertises itself as a redesigned sports bar if you are staying in Dubai and searching for the best sports bar. Sports are the focus at this bar, as multiple screens show games and cutting-edge indoor activities, including an interactive digital dartboard and an indoor golf simulator. Additionally, there is an extensive assortment of food and beverages.

Visitors to this classy institution may anticipate a welcoming atmosphere for easy discussion, cordial and knowledgeable service, and delectable food. Bring your pals along for a fantastic evening at a contemporary sports bar.

Making the most of your time is crucial because it is frequently the most incredible luxury. We are most efficiently at your disposal for your extravagant and commercial events. What, then, is the hold? Come to us immediately.

Time to Book your Table at Legends Indian Food Restaurant Today

So, it's time to book your table at one of the top Legends best cafés in Dubai and enjoy your perfect date night, anniversary, birthday, or any other occasion with your loved ones.