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While working with Talent Managers, Marketing Agencies, and Digital Influencers, we work to design emotions, and shape opinions touching many hearts. We keep you entertained so you have something to watch while you enjoy your meal.

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Plunge into the exquisite luxury and mesmerizing ambiance

Tashan in Dubai

Keep the level high, burn the dance floor, & enjoy the party all night at our events.

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Thrilling events with Cricket Fun
Super 20

Make every night count with our thrilling events with Cricket Fun.

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Tsunami Club Party
Tsunami Club

Add some extra fun to your night. Just party, dance, and talk to the moon.

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Catering to the multifaceted requirements of the guests

Why Rely on Us?No.1 in Events Management

Modern Equipment
Modern Equipment

Utilizing cutting-edge event technology in the market, we will organize your event.

Extensive Network of Clients
Extensive Network of Clients

We have collaborated with the majority of the UAE's well-known clients.

Knowledge and Skills
Knowledge and Skills

We have several years of experience as event planners and have worked with many different customers and events.


Even though our services are reasonably priced, we never skimp on the level of quality that we offer to customers.

Move Extra Mile
Move Extra Mile

We know that plans and ideas can change last minute so we often do everything we can to exceed expectations

Transparency Profit Margin

BCC events only never charge you for unnecessary items, in an attempt to increase our profit margin.

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To Eat is to Live

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Food with a Story

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Taste is Rainbow

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A feast for your senses

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Recognize your real joy

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Celebrate what we create

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We plan, you have fun

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Memories made pricelessly

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Live with magical moments

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Cheers to all the good vibes

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Happiness is freedom

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Making memories is our business.

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Cheers to all the fun

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Unwrap the experience

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Meet, Share, Enjoy.

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Drink. Food & Dance



Nancy Doe 10 Years Experienced

The core of our mission is to deliver exceptional experiences, and we concentrate on offering top-notch, highly effective regional and international event services.

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Business Conference in Dubai
Business Conference in Dubai
Sept 4, 2022

Delight customers and empower employees with AI

Weddingg Day
John Doe Weddingg Day
Sept 4, 2022

Delight customers and empower employees with AI

Music Concert in Dubai
Music Concert in Dubai
Sept 4, 2022

Delight customers and empower employees with AI

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Create the Everlasting Fun Memories in Night Club

For those who enjoy night fun, Dubai's nightlife is considered to be the most trendy and enjoyable. The City of Gold is an excellent destination for teenagers and the younger generation to hang out with friends and family. You may choose from a selection of Dubai nightclubs with unrestricted freedom and enjoyment because Dubai is renowned for its cultural diversity. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists travel to Dubai for two reasons: shopping and nightlife. Due to its reputation as a fantasy city, Dubai offers the best of both worlds. In Dubai, you can choose from various local nightclubs to popular worldwide club brands. Indian nightclubs in Dubai also predominate in terms of partying culture, as they cater to the significant Indian population there.

Dubai attracts local & tourists like a magnet thanks to its abundance of glitz and glamor. Looking for the best night club in Dubai? The BCC Event is a wise choice! There is something for everyone in the nightlife at BCC Events, from the abundant and magnificent to the relaxed and casual.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Top DJ roster
  • Film Production
  • Live Events
  • Breathtaking Ambiance
  • Lip-smacking snacks

Glimpse of Our Services:

You may savor real Indian food and enjoy dance at BCC Events in Dubai. While savoring the best cuisine, watch exciting dance performances.

You should be aware of the significance of music in this scenario if you're planning on having a lovely time at a nightclub in Dubai. It serves no purpose to approach the dance floor if the DJ plays unappealing music. Because of this, Dubai is home to some of the best Indian dance bars, which enliven every gathering with hypnotic music and pounding beats.

One of the best places to spend your special event with your dear and near ones is the BCC Event nightclub. The exquisite decor and lighting around the club will win you over. One of the best places in Dubai to eat while listening to music is here. Our DJ will keep you dancing all night long with captivating bollywood hits & trendy songs. Let’s dive into the services.

Best Indian Night Club in Dubai for Corporate Events

When the phrase "corporate Meeting or events" is used, most people picture prominent business people mingling in a luxurious setting. The participants have traveled by private aircraft from all around the world to discuss issues of strategic interest, possibly corporate initiatives with game-changing potential.

Our team understands how crucial it is to maintain professionalism while forging casual bonds. The ideal location for your business team adventure, creating a casual yet professional atmosphere, is a breathtaking BCC Event.

Best Indian Night Club in Dubai for Dining

A fine dining experience is often more upscale, one-of-a-kind, and pricey than what one would find in the typical restaurant. Analysis of the fine dining industry, trends, and possibilities. Our eating differs significantly from that of many other nightclubs. The food quality should never be compromised in a reputable nightclub. At a BCC Event, you would have a highly experienced chef who creates meals using the best, high-quality ingredients to maintain consistency. You are served by our professionals just the best, fresh Indian cuisine.

If you are searching for an Indian night club in Dubai or positive dining experience in addition to the cuisine and ambience in restaurants. Visit us! People prefer to eat in a hygienic setting with friendly service. At the BCC Event, our great staff treats the patrons with the utmost respect. Consequently, a great dining experience comprises a clean setting, excellent staff, and excellent service.

Best Indian Night Club in Dubai for Entertainment

Dubai, which was once a desert, now represents modernity with its huge buildings, luxurious personalized lifestyle, and high-end vehicles you won't find anywhere else. The city is worth a visit for its magnificent dunes, authentic Arabic food, and distinctive architecture. In order to elevate your experience, visit one of Dubai's nightclubs. Dubai's nightlife is constantly hopping with well-known DJs, interesting beverages, and mouthwatering cuisine.

Our desi night club Dubai offers Tashan, a Sports & Casino Themed Cafe where you can enjoy delectable foods and cuisines that fuse Indian flavors, cocktails, Bollywood hits, and more. Here, you may unwind, lose yourself in the lively atmosphere, and enjoy yourself.

Dubai's night clubs offer everything, from rooftop views to insanely loud sound. If you are older than 21 and prepared to party, Indian night clubs in Dubai won't let you down.

You can enjoy delicious snacks and cuisines with a blend of Indian flavors, cocktails, Bollywood songs, and more at our club's Tashan Sports & Casino Themed Cafe. You may unbend, lose yourself in the youthful energy here, and enjoy yourself. Just walk into the best Indian night club in Dubai and have the best time of your life here!